How To Win Tickets to Events at Bloomsburg Fair
Play our free football pool by making a score prediction of the next Monday night game. Finish in the top 35% of each week's fans or guess within one point of either team's final score and you'll win credits toward tickets!
Free Monday Night Pool
Win Tickets by Making a Free Monday Night Score Prediction

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Fan Community News
SecondTicket's free Monday Night Football pool 2014 Top 10 Fans
Fan Name & RankPointsWon
chrishill_8 (1)603.5$92
fgreenslate (2)586.6$17
diegobub (3)583.1$21
Valenti (4)581.1$21
profoster (5)573.4$18
Kenny Powers (6)546.6$88
FoldPocketAces (7)541.2$18
joegigliotti (8)530.3$19
Huber (9)527.8$12
jscohen30 (10)527.5$13

 Top 10 Fans, 2014 Mega Pool

Fan Name & RankPointsWon
fgreenslate (1)1022.4$42
Valenti (2)906.1$34
FoldPocketAces (3)865.6$40
scoochnew (4)865$33
jscohen30 (5)849.1$27
rolpol (6)818.7$275
Topher (7)816.4$30
Huber (8)810.9$22
cowpox81 (9)807.6$25
dbpetrel02 (10)792.9$32