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SecondTicket's free Monday Night Football pool 2014 Top 10 Fans
Fan Name & RankPointsWon
FoldPocketAces (1)361.9$12
fgreenslate (2)360.3$11
jscohen30 (3)359.1$10
scooby10672 (3)359.1$13
pingouin (5)357.2$14
Wardo (6)353.1$12
Kenny Powers (7)348.4$10
diegobub (8)339.1$12
profoster (9)337.3$9
nina (10)331.8$14

 Top 10 Fans, 2014 Mega Pool

Fan Name & RankPointsWon
fgreenslate (1)796$36
FoldPocketAces (2)686.3$34
scoochnew (3)684.7$29
jscohen30 (4)680.8$24
K-Rich (5)630.8$275
sonyawc (6)623.2$29
Valenti (7)611.4$21
rolpol (8)596.5$269
nina (9)591.3$29
Topher (10)589.7$23