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 Top 10 Fans, 2014 Mega Pool

Fan Name & RankPointsWon
fgreenslate (1)435.8$25
scoochnew (2)386.4$21
K-Rich (3)370.3$271
dbpetrel02 (4)351.8$19
sonyawc (5)345.2$21
sgreenslate (6)343$21
eqc155 (7)341.2$18
rolpol (8)334.1$265
jkulaga23 (9)330.3$24
Valenti (10)325$13
SecondTicket's free Monday Night Football pool Top 10 All-Time Fans
Fan Name & RankPointsWon
ckmendels (1)5732.7$823
Dread Pirate Dave (2)5191.6$169
joegigliotti (3)4941.4$90
ldepretto (4)4901.3$110
Topher (5)4881.7$569
mmccullin (6)4866.7$676
julesschneider (7)4760.2$280
dbpetrel02 (8)4671.7$78
Jasonlug (9)4579.7$103
Kenny Powers (10)4525.1$78