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  • Doyle Jr. scored $26 on Auburn Tigers football tickets
  • Dbpetrel02 saved $48 on Disney On Ice tickets
  • DreadPirateDave won $31 in free The Book of Mormon tickets
  • Foldpocketaces won $33 in free Boston Red Sox tickets
  • Huber saved $22 on Columbus Blue Jackets tickets
  • Jscohen30 cashed in $48 for Atlanta Hawks tickets
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    SecondTicket's Free Super Bowl Pool  All-Time Pool Leaders
    Fan Name & RankPointsWon
    Huber (1)442.3$51
    sgreenslate (2)392$237
    Reilly (3)387.5$48
    frontzie (4)372.8$46
    coleyfrench (5)342$41
    gina5091 (6)338.5$37
    theABE (7)336.5$46
    lippesq (8)335.1$30
    groundhog2252 (9)331$43
    Dread Pirate Dave (10)330.8$39

     Top 10 Fans, 2014 Mega Pool

    Fan Name & RankPointsWon
    fgreenslate (1)1057.8$644
    Valenti (2)916.4$34
    jscohen30 (3)884.6$29
    scoochnew (4)876.3$33
    FoldPocketAces (5)866.9$40
    Topher (6)851.5$31
    Huber (7)839.7$22
    cowpox81 (8)833.1$25
    rolpol (9)828.8$275
    mjohnson (10)826.1$30